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About Marshall D Bowling

by Marshall Bowling

Marshall Bowling is a semi-retired jack-of-all-trades that can be found wandering around the Big Bend area of Texas with a camera, a canteen and a walking stick. I have held a variety of jobs. I didn't plan it that way, it just happened that way. I took opportunities when they presented themselves and I was in need of a job. Following is a list of some of the jobs that I have held:

Lab Tech
Professional Diver 
Derrick Man 
Trim Carpenter 
Senior Programmer
Senior Systems Analyst 
Contract Programmer
Applications Consultant 
I/T Consultant  
Senior Technical Consultant
Technical Troubleshooter 
Assistant Vice President Data Processing 
eBay Powerseller  
Independent Insurance Adjuster 
Security Officer at Ft. Hood Airfield 
Welder’s Helper 
Pipeline Toolman 
Pipeline Inspector 
Teak Root Furniture Importer 
Furniture Finisher

I am probably one of the few people around that can say that they have both run drilling rigs and programmed computers. I have worked in Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Tennessee. I have visited 35 states in the U.S., 5 Canadian provinces, Mexico (both coasts) and Belize (by air, car and boat!).

Now days I pick up odd jobs in between taking thousands of photographs of things that interest me, and nearly everything interests me, as can be seen by the photos on this website. I started out taking close-ups of wildflowers and it just got completely out of control after that. I have an obession to know the names of the things that I photograph. That can also be seen on this website. Thus the name: "A photograph and taxonomy website."

I am in the process of redesigning this website so you will notice a couple of different styles of pages as I continue on. I also have hundreds more photographs to sort through and post.

I hope that you enjoy the site and the photos.

Thanks for visiting,

Marshall Dale Bowling

PO Box 916 
Alpine, TX 79831